0871 10p per minute numbers

Callers will pay 10p per minute and you will pay nothing to receive a call. All Destinations are available 7 days per week. If the destination you require is not in the list below, you should check our personal number product which allows people in other countries to have a UK number to receive calls on. Personal numbers support more destinations. Click here for details on personal numbers.

You can choose to divert your number to any landline in the countries listed below. Mobile numbers can only be specified where the destinations have "mobile" in brackets.

2) Enter the number in the country (without the country code or leading zero from the number itself) you would like your personal number routed to. E.g. A number in Germany 030 765 43210 would be 3076543210, leaving off the initial 0049, as this is set by the system automatically when you choose the country above.